Recently, I took a course about human-computer interaction. It was a fast-paced course that went over design principles as well as web and mobile development. This app is what my team and I developed for the course.

App Description

Grouper is a web app for students to form groups with peers in their classes. This app addresses the point of view that students often form groups based on random factors, such as who happens to be sitting next to them. Thus, whether students have either positive or negative experiences in collaborating with their peers depends highly on chance. Grouper provides students with a way to make a more informed decision on who to form groups with, based on schedule, personality, and project needs.

Grouper icon

Grouper icon

User Interface

Here is a sample screen depicting a peer profile page. Here, the user can view the information that this peer has put on his profile, as well as who is currently in this peer's group. There are options at the bottom of the page to both contact and form a group with this peer.